The Records Office processes incoming student transcripts, 处理传出的成绩单请求, 核实入学情况, 以及学位审核.


全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College uses Parchment to provide official student transcripts. This service provides an easy, secure, electronic method to request, send, and track your transcript. Parchment will deliver your official transcript for free anywhere it needs to go – other colleges and universities, 奖学金基金, 雇主, 甚至是你自己,如果你需要的话.

全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College will allow three free transcripts per fiscal year (July 1, XXXX至6月30日, XXXX). After the first three transcripts, a charge will be assessed $3.电子成绩单25美元,5美元.纸质成绩单75元.

设置您的帐户 登陆WWW.羊皮纸.com and click SIGN UP NOW then follow the onscreen instructions.


  • 登录www.羊皮纸.com
  • 点击发送成绩单
  • You now need to find the school that has your transcript
  • 选择大学
  • Enter “全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College” and click SEARCH then ADD
  • Follow the onscreen directions to complete your account
  • Select who you would like to send the transcript to
  • Academic Institutions, Other Organization, Yourself or Other Individual
  • 完成说明
  • If you want to add more destinations, click ADD ANOTHER ITEM
  • When you are ready to complete your order, click CHECKOUT

Contact the 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College Records Office at

Transcript Request Frequently Asked 问题


No, this is a complimentary service to 全球十大赌博手机网站 students and alumni.


当你“选择目的地”时, choose the “Myself” Tab (it’s defaulted to Academic Destinations)


第一次登录时, 默认是请求成绩单, choose the Status/历史 (next to Request Transcripts). This will let you see where your requests are in the process. Students can also check their email for status updates.

Can I pick up the transcript in the Office?

Yes – students just need to let Student Records know that they want to pick it up before they place the order.


When a student searches their first place, they can either “Save and Continue” or “Save & 添加另一个”


Any official transcript received by 全球十大赌博手机网站 is evaluated for the specific program applied for within two weeks of receipt. Students may review the credit transferred in by going to my全球十大赌博手机网站 and looking on the 非官方的成绩单 (college) or Exam Record (high school).

Advanced Placement is an organized instructional and/or testing program offered in high school in cooperation with the College Entrance Examination Board. College credit granted through an AP examination will be recorded as “AP” and will not be used in computing a grade point average. Approved credit will be posted to the student’s record after a minimum of eight (8) semester hours of 100-level or above credit has been earned at 全球十大赌博手机网站. High school students interested in the Advanced Placement Program should contact their high school counselor.

我的学生信息 my全球十大赌博手机网站)

Students have access to a variety of information and services through my全球十大赌博手机网站. 访问包括:

  • 学生的时间表
  • 成功的教练 & 学习计划
  • 查看/打印成绩
  • GPA投影
  • FERPA 信息 Release Authorization
  • 入学验证证明
  • 注册课程
  • 学位审核
  • 非官方的成绩单
  • 考试/分班考试成绩
  • 经济援助奖项
  • 学费账单
  • 在线支付
  • 1098 t的信息

入学验证证明 for Students

  • View electronic deferments or notification forms sent to student lenders.
  • Print proof of enrollment verification certificates.
  • 查看实时贷款信息.
  • View enrollment information held by the Clearinghouse provided by 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College.

招生 & 第三方学位认证

全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree and enrollment verification certifications. The National Student Clearinghouse may be contacted at: www.studentclearinghouse.Org或


The Records Office maintains student records in a confidential manner. The student records policy of 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College is governed by the Family Education Rights and 隐私 Act (FERPA). For forms and more information visit the FERPA Web site.

(217) 875-7211,分机. 6267