Your success here at 全球十大赌博手机网站 is our highest priority and we want you to know that it’s okay to reach out for some help in order to succeed. That’s why we have developed a wide variety of services that will help you when you need it.



If you are experiencing food insecurity, you can visit the Food Pantry at 全球十大赌博手机网站 on 星期二 & Thursdays from 11am to 2pm and Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm. Please use the Food Pantry entrance located in Parking Lot C. The Pantry at 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College is an extension of The Good Samaritan Inn. The Pantry Questionnaire can be found in my全球十大赌博手机网站>My Student Info>奖学金 (RCC Foundation).

Phone: (217) 429-1455 – Good Samaritan Inn


If you are facing unexpected situations that will impact your ability to be successful at 全球十大赌博手机网站, the Foundation has established the 学生资助基金 to provide emergency financial assistance to 全球十大赌博手机网站 学生s. The 学生资助基金 was established in 2017 and provides financial assistance to 全球十大赌博手机网站 学生s as unexpected situations arise, 包括医药费, 水电费, 租金, 照顾孩子, 运输, 技术, 等.

The 学生资助基金 application is temporarily closed.  If a 学生 is experiencing an emergency financial situation, they may reach out via email to 学生


全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College has partnered with two organizations, META和TimelyCare, to provide an array of mental health services to 学生s. META Teletherapy is a mobile app that delivers easy access to private and confidential counseling services, 你想什么时候,怎么做. TimelyCare is a mobile app (which can also be accessed by desktop) that provides 24/7 access to virtual care from anywhere in the United States at no cost.

访问这里了解更多全球十大赌搏手机网站meta的信息 & TIMELYCARE

To access a confidential resource to seek treatment for mental and substance use disorders, 点击这里.


教学中心(TLC) Student Tech Support

More than just a place for online class help, the TLC staff is here to support you. Just remember to contact them with any questions you have about Canvas, email problems or computer and technical questions.
电子邮件: 学生

Find out more about the Teaching and Learning Center – CLICK HERE


The 学业成功中心 offers FREE tutoring services for 学生s in the areas of Math, 生物/化学, 业务/会计, 英语, 和其他科目的要求. Get assistance with your writing assignments, improve your study skills or just stop by for computer access. 我们也使用NetTutor, an online tutoring service integrated into Canvas that provides you the support you need, 当你需要的时候, 对于很多不同的科目, 在任何类型的设备上.




We want to provide a welcoming campus that supports success for all 学生s. Approved accommodations for 学生s with documented disabilities remove barriers to allow for equal opportunity to participate fully in the total college experience.

Find out more about 住宿 – CLICK HERE


Our library staff can help you with your inquiries about the resources you need to complete your assignments. It’s also a great place to find computer access or a quiet place to study.




You will find your textbooks and course materials here, but did you know that you can also find items like pens, 铅笔, USB驱动器, 计算器, 还有更多? The friendly staff in the bookstore can help you find what you need and you can look good doing it when you purchase the great 全球十大赌博手机网站 gear sold here.



Cur租金ly enrolled 学生s receive membership to the 健身中心 as part of their tuition.

Visit the 健身中心 website – CLICK HERE


Do you want to engage with other 学生s on campus, enjoy some fun activities or join a club? Our Student Engagement Office hosts some great activities that can keep you connected with other 学生s, while enjoying a little fun throughout the semester.

Find out more at the Student Engagement website – CLICK HERE


伊利诺斯州211 -免费-保密-全天候可用. Get help paying bills, finding food, and locating other resources near you. Call 211 now for confidential help from a caring expert.