Welcome to the 员工发展 at 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College!  Our 员工发展 division provides the training and resources needed to stimulate economic development and individual fulfillment.

全球十大赌博手机网站’s 员工发展 strives for the following:

  • Prepare students for new careers by teaching them 必要的技能 and the Technical Skills they need to be successful
  • Train individuals to step into the workforce or enhance their current skills to improve career advancement
  • Provide a wide-range of courses for adults, 青少年, children, and seniors to build on interests or new skills
  • Improve your businesses by providing customized training at your location or at our location.


Virtual Reality Safety Training

Take advantage of the newest technology in enhancing your current safety trainings for your company or add yearly refresher trainings with VR.

Personal and 专业发展 Course Offerings

全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College offers a variety of noncredit courses virtually and in-person that are career-enhancing, 个人丰富, or just fun for the whole family.

Register for one of our noncredit classes today.

In-person or hybrid classes register 在这里.

Online non-credit courses register 在这里.


Day and night classes are offered for both Class “A” and Class “B” training.


Invest in yourself with this training program designed to get you local work in today’s modern industrial environment.  This 360-hour training program prepares individuals for entry-level manufacturing jobs.


全球十大赌博手机网站’s 施工培训计划 provides you with the skills you need to find an entry-level construction job that will lead to a rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Illinois Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Illinois Works’ free Pre-Apprenticeship Program will prepare you to transition into a Department of Labor registered apprenticeship in the trades.


卡尔·D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) is a principal source of federal funding to states and discretionary grantees for the improvement of secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs across the nation.


The 全球十大赌博手机网站 社区 College 交通安全 Program is a court-approved course intended to improve your driving skills, decrease the possibility of future traffic law violations, and reduce the chance of you or someone else being killed or injured in a traffic accident.